Calling All Volunteers!!


Our success depends on you!

There are many ways to be a part of Fossil Ridge Soccer.


Find what suits you and join in!

Consider a spot on the Booster Board

Every new season usually leaves a spot open for you to join...

Cooler Concierge

In a perfect world, if we could get one parent from V or JV and one parent from C to collect the coolers from either the busses after the away games (or whatever transportation they arrive in since busses are scarce) foster them until the day before the next away game, and then take them to the Subway in the Timnath Walmart between 9am and 9pm you would be doing a Saint's work! Feeding hungry teen boys will not go unnoticed!

There are 6 V and JV away games, and 5 C Team away games.

In a slightly imperfect world, we could use multiple volunteers for each game. We will take whatever we can get and appreciate any and all help.

Contact your team manager to find a date that fits your schedule.

Chair, Co-Chair, or Sign Up for one of our special events -

*Breast Cancer Awareness Night-October 20

Fossil Soccer has a long standing tradition of raising money for this worthy cause. Work with others to coordinate decorations, donations, and possible guest speakers for one varsity game as well as one c team game (no guest speakers here).

*Senior Night-October 7

For this very important night, your time would be spent coordinating decorations, creating and printing programs, securing an announcer and preparing a script, obtaining a photographer to catch all the memories, and organizing the senior walk. This is a great excuse to gather with friends over appetizers and plan a fun event at the same time!

*End of Season Banquet-November 16

This one has many moving parts and requires many hands! Contact Rachel LeValley to help out!

Become a Team Manager/Hero

One of the most important of all volunteer opportunities and a great way to get to know the kids and coaches! If you just can't swing the manager role, offer to help your team's manager whenever you can.

Drinks for Out of Town Games

Deliver clean coolers full of drinks to the Timnath Subway for out of town games. Work with your team manager to find a date that fits your schedule.



Snacks for Games

Donate and/or deliver snacks to one or more games. Talk with your team manager to set this up.

Host a Team Dinner

There's a variety of ways to help with team dinners. Contact your team manager to sign up.



Share Fundraising Ideas

Bring any and all money making ideas to the Board!

Social Media Expert

Develop a Facebook and/or Instagram page for Fossil Boys Soccer and post regularly, keeping fans informed and entertained.

Team Photographers (V, JV, and C)

The end-of-season slide show is much more interesting if we actually have pictures! Each team needs at least one parent snapping pictures at multiple games throughout the season. No need to be a pro photographer. It's just fun to see the kids in action! Talk with your team manager to set this up.

Donation of Goods and Services

Sign up to donate drinks for games, dinners, or banquets.

Offer food for team dinners and/or the banquet.

Become a home game announcer.

Make an in-kind donation to the booster club.

Or provide sponsorship to the program through your employer.

Take a Night Off from Cooking

To raise money, the Booster will offer several affinity nights at local restaurants. All you have to do is show up and purchase dinner for your family, and money will be donated to our program!

Come to DC Oakes September 27, 5 - 8 pm

10% of all sales will be donated to FRHS Boys' Soccer

No flyer necessary! Available for dine-in or take-out!